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Our Work

Spanning several decades and just as many industries, the members of Benevolent Mercenaries have helped dozens of brands realize their true potential by uniting their business objectives with the motivating factors of their audience. The result? Powerful programs that drive performance and brand equity. 

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The Great Rise

A project to bring social equity and diversity to the cannabis industry in Minnesota. Our belief is that the very community that has disproportionately suffered from the war on drugs, should disproportionately benefit from its legalization. 


Rock The RoC

A campaign and tribute concert to raise money and awareness for The Realm of Caring, the 501(c)3 started to help consumers understand the CBD industry and its medical properties. 

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At a time when beverage companies were being removed from schools, 7-Up asked us if there was a way to re-engage policy makers and administrators to revive this very large channel for the soda company. The result was 7-Up PLUS, a vitamin and mineral fortified soda which benefitted  Project Literacy US. 


Operation: SOS

SOS (Save Our Servicemembers) is an ongoing campaign to transform the Office of Veterans Affairs policies to allow CBD (non-psychoactive hemp) to be used as a modality of healing for all the challenges returning veterans face. 

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