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What We Do

Our team has a very unique set of skills to address your campaign needs that extend far beyond what is listed here, (branding, graphic design, videography, photography, copywriting etc) but for purposes of clarity, we've narrowed our offering to four discrete outcomes that we're generally hired to achieve.

Issues Education

Helping to define and craft the issue at hand in a compelling way is essential for getting the attention of the proper stakeholders. This process includes channel planning, audience research and creation of messaging designed to drive the mission forward as well as secure the proper support from aligned partners. 

These campaigns take many forms, from traditional media executions to Corporate Social Responsibility programs designed to attract and retain internal talent. There really are no limits when it comes to the best ways to win the hearts and minds of those that can best support your product or initiative. 


Anchoring societal change initiatives in legislation, corporate policy or community programming is the most critical aspect of driving issues forward.

We help our clients identify experts in the area of concern who have intimate knowledge of the existing policies and laws. From there, we will work collaboratively to draft the initiative framework while beginning outreach to potential sponsors for backing legislative efforts.  

Policy Legislation Writing

The best way to make real social change is to bring  together as many like minded groups as possible to support your mission. Much like building partnerships in the realm of marketing, we craft outbound proposals tailored to each target audience and create distinct "asks" for each participant to the cause, ensuring that every partner has a unique role that fits their offering.

Allowing each stakeholder to have input in the process assists in alignment throughout the campaign and policy writing phases of our program creation. Thus, we generally have monthly coalition meetings to track progress for each individual work stream stakeholders are responsible for.

Coaliton Building
Campaig Activation

Delivering our message in unique and compelling forms is our primary concern. This is how we generate the critical human capital needed to push your initiatives forward. 

From partnership events to fundraising, video assets to digital and social campaigns, the Benevolent Mercenaries can provide a full compliment of creative and strategic assets to ensure your mission is brought to life in compelling ways to propel it forward. 


We are artisans first and foremost. From logo design​ to long form video, we deliver world class content that sets you apart from the competition in new an innovative ways. 

Our campaign messaging is made even more memorable by the creative wrapper in which it is delivered.

Strategic Positionin & Branding
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